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Website Review in Divine Ascent

Note: This kind review of our website was published in the August 2000 edition of Divine Ascent magazine (Number 6, page 207 [Editor's Pick's: Websites]).  If you are interested in more information about Divine Ascent, click here to go to their site.  Our thanks to the editor and staff of Divine Ascent for their encouraging words.

This fun, quirky and informative site is devoted to the "baking and use of prosphora" (Gk. "gift"). It includes recipes (Foolproof Prosphora, Bread Machine Prosphora...) technical support (Shape Problem Trouble-shooting, Slumping Bread Explanation...). links to related articles and sites (a Moscow Patriarchal Journal article on the history and significance of prosphora...), and articles about various traditions involving food. As any frequent prosphora baker has discovered, batches almost never turn out the same. (That inconsistency alone should serve to keep the prosphora baker in constant prayer during the baking!) At any rate, this is a wonderful place to find out what works for others and what will probably be worth trying yourself. And for non-bakers...this site might just get you interested in starting.